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He has pub- lished more than two hundred romances, most of which obtained considerable suc- cess. ACH ACH WIE FLtjchtig, cantata for the 24rtli Sunday after Trinity, by Johauu Sebas- tian Bacli ; written for four voices, two vio- lins, viola, two Geriiiau flutes, three oboes, and continuo. Capecelatro, vincenzo, born in Naples in 1815, died in Florence, Oct. Aftei' remaining at Leif)sic for 238 buhl eighteen montlis, he became a, jjupil on the organ of Johaiin Schneider in Dres- den, and again of Rietz ; and in 18G1 lie went to Paris and studied Frencli music for a short time. The opera was given in London, at her Majesty's Theatre, June 22, 1878, with Minnie Hauck in the title-role, which she had preiously sustained in Brussels. Concert tours through Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands in- creased his fame, and the Conservatoire of Paris conferred upon him the medal of hon- our in 1841. Fetis; Iendel ; Schilling. Fctis ;., Supplement,. Graun, Berlin, 1749 ; music by Andre- ozzi, Venice, 1783 ; music by Vaunacci, Italy, about 1790 ; music by Niccolini, Milan, 1811 ; Angclique et Medor, French opera-bouffe in one act, test by Sauvage, music by Ambroise. 450 Dliaeseke for four voices, cliorus and orchestra ; Fimer- al motet for four voices, with two violins, viola and bass, in F ; Several Genitori ; a great number of psalms, motets, villiancicos, airs, duets, and quartets. Geschichte des Oratori- ums. In 1780, on the res- ignation.

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Be- ing unsuccessful as manager of the Lj-ceum (the English opera-house he went iu 1840 to Paris, where he wrote, and jjroduced at the Opera Comique, two operas. In 1872 he removed to Boston, where he was appointed organist. He became a distin- guished performer of great mechanical ability, and trav- elled professionally for twenty years throughout Europe, play- ing principally his own music. It was revived in 1855. (Augs- burg, 1520 contains several of his motets. He was one of the contributors to Playford's Courtly Masquing Ayres (1662 and 25ublished some lessons for viols or violins. Nothing is known of his eai-ly life, or of his musical education. Having at first boise studied drawing and engraving, lie after- wards returned to the latter art. Demeteiodi (Demetrius at Ehodes Italian ojjera, music by Pugnani, represented at Turin, 1789, on the occasion of the marriage of the Duke of Aosta, has for its hero Demetrius Poliorcetes, King of Macedonia, who conducted a memorable but unsuccessful siege of Ehodes. Wer sicb selbst erbOhet ;.

girl prato trans a bergamo

the con- founding of the two Peters. Cavalli's style was in general very simple, and noted for its truth and in- tensity of dramatic expressiveness. Church composer who published the following works : Sacrse cantiones. Dilliger (Dillinger johann, born atEisfeld, Bavaria, in 1590, died at Coburg, Aug. The old- est of his compositions, nine pieces for four, six, and eight voices, are in a rare work in the Imiierial Library, Vienna, entitled : Mu- siche fatte uelle nozze dello illustrissimo duca di Fironze, il Signor Cosimo de' Me- dici, etc. Barrf leonard, born at Limoges, France, early in the 16th century. Published by the Hiiudel-Gesellschaft, Leipsic, 1874.- Rock- stro, Handel, 90 ; Schoelcher, Handel,. Le comte Ory is one of i less famous than his concerto iu G minor, the best of Rossini's scores. Parker and Carl Hause, in instrumentation of Carl Zerrahn, and in singing. Capello, Al)l ate giovanni MA- RIA, born in Parma in the 17tli century, died there in 1728.

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He was surintendant de la musique des chambres du roi et de la reine, under Louis xiii., and counsellor to that king in 1632. Beer, josef, born at Griinwald, Bo- hemia, April 18, 1744, died at Potsdam in 1811. Cecilia at Rome, and settled at Bergamo, where he collected an- cient classical music, now in the Staatsbiblio- thek, Munich. 3 ; Sextet for two pianofortes two violins, two violas, oj). Works ; Bere- nice, ojjera, given at Najales about 1730 ; H mondo della luna,.,., about 1732 ; Gioa, rii di Giuda, oratorio ; La morte d' Abele,. Works : Missa a quattro voci e quattro Motetti a due, con organo (Rome, 1629) ; Missa breve a quat- tro. (1887 1:71 ; (1888) 5, 20, 32, 44, 53,.5 ; Siguale (1888 113. 4 (Venice, IGlG) ; Sacri con- certi d' un vago e nuovo stile, a 2, 3 e 4 voci,. Works : Messe a (juattro, con altre sacre canzoni a una, due, tre e cinque voci, lib. In 1831 he was made chef d'orchestre at 2U2 boesset the National Opera, and in 1837 went to Paris, wliere lie spent two years, then was chef d'orchestre at the theatre at Metz until 1841, when he returned. Having failed with his first opera, 1769, in Venice, where he had become maestro di cappella at the Conservatorio del Ospedaletto, and with his next effort in Rome, he finally obtained a brilliant success there in 1773 with his In- cognita perseguitata. Notwithstanding its im- probable libretto, Auber's sparkling and Kraceful music has made it one of the most successful operas of its class, both in its French and its English form. 1 (Paris, 1786 which obtained succe. He published two books of French cantatas, and Cantates Anacreoutiques.

girl prato trans a bergamo

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